Meet the SL Team

Hi! We are a passionate, dedicated team with a vast range of experiences. We come from all walks of life, but universally believe in the Scalable Labs mission. We are working diligently to help entrepreneurs reach their business goals. If you’d like to get to know us a bit better, check out our bios below.

Rick Tuinenburg
Rick Tuinenburg | Founder

Rick is an entrepreneur, self-taught programmer, and blockchain enthusiast with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Pepperdine University. By trade he has worked as an IT Consultant and Web Developer, but he is a true entrepreneur at heart. Prior to founding Scalable Labs, Rick developed a price comparison shopping search engine, a social shopping application, and a number of e-commerce sites including OnTimeFlowers, Halloweenshop and DutchBox. It is from working on these initial startups that Rick realized the need for a company like Scalable Labs that provides entrepreneurs with the resources, methodology, and access to a community of potential collaborators they need, all on one platform.

Mark S A Smith
Mark S A Smith | Business Development Advisor

Mark joined the Scalable Labs team in 2017 as a trusted Business Development Advisor. He is an executive coach, author of 14 books, professional speaker and business owner with a background in engineering, sales and business. He believes that success in teamwork, marketing, and sales comes from intentional, smart change management and systems thinking. Over the course of his career, Mark has implemented strategies using proprietary models + methods that have helped tech giants like IBM, HP and Microsoft achieve rapid sales growth and increased market share quickly and sustainably. In his spare time, Mark likes to play his instruments (guitar, bass, keys, drums and he can even sing!), cook and hike. His crowning achievement is raising five Millennial children-- none of whom live at home.

Amit Chambial | Blockchain Developer

Experience in writing smart-contracts and building ui for dapps. Founder of Tazer Labs, a blockchain company focused on Immutable and unbiased reviewing system using blockchain.

Allan Bayaua
Allan Bayaua | Project Manager

Allan is a skilled Project Manager at Scalable Labs. He has worked with many teams and managed multiple projects for Marvel Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, Legendary Pictures, Rovio, Toyota and Nissan. He plays a key role in facilitating communication between development and business teams, and manages expectations with clients to ensure projects move forward as expected. His “let’s get it done” attitude inspires everyone he works with to produce quality work at a fast pace, even when confronted with obstacles. Allan is involved with everything from inception and creation of the user experience to managing deployment updates.

Robert Kraig
Robert Kraig | Senior Software Engineer

Robert is a Sr. Software Engineer at Scalable Labs. He writes bespoke web applications, has built many complex architectures-- from SOA Micro frameworks to Monolithic systems-- and has developed writing for event-systems, third party integrations, websockets, and single page web applications. After coding, Robert enjoys putting on his “Gekle hat” and composing the infrastructure to deploy everything he builds. He’s an advocate for Open Source Software, all things linux, and is a technology evangelist for all things empowering. When Robert isn’t neck deep in code, he’s usually listening to music on his array of different headphones & audio system components.

Jonathan Conoley
Jonathan Conoley | Enterprise Architect

Jonathan is an Enterprise Architect with extensive experience programming, who enjoys helping gifted visionaries achieve their goals. Jonathan began programming when he was just XX years old. His father, who worked with computers and embedded systems as a profession, didn’t allow TV in the house, so Jonathan began programming his own games with the help of public library books. More than twenty years later, Jonathan is completely comfortable developing contemporary applications using cutting edge technology and has managed projects at some of the most well-respected companies in the world: NASA, Toyota Motors and Disney Studios.

JohnLewis Zoeckler
JohnLewis Zoeckler | Company Evangelist

JL is the Scalable Labs Company Evangelist. He is a pro public speaker, blockchain specialist, growth hacker and cultural anthropologist. He is adept at seeing the forest for the trees allowing him to discern the big picture from many disparate pieces of data. He is extremely passionate about startups and emerging technologies, and has a strong perspective on the blockchain explosion. He is intelligent, passionate, and well spoken, making him a perfect guide for leaders that are ready to harness the future. He is a founder, an investor, a brand builder, and a leader.

Giovanni Lesna-Maranetto
Giovanni Lesna-Maranetto | External Advisor

Giovanni is an External Advisor at Scalable Labs and a blockchain strategist, entrepreneur and ICO specialist. He is a co-founding team member and Chief Commercial Officer at Hedge and lead External Advisor and Investor to Adbank , Lucyd and Enkidu. His skill set spans from traditional finance to tokenomics, ideation, implementation, networking and business development through to commercialization and monetization of concepts and fintech related products. He is an evangelist for blockchain technology and its value adding use-cases.

Matt Hofacker
Matt Hofacker | Growth Hacker

Matt is the Scalable Labs Growth Hacker with a background in copywriting/SEO. He has served as the Head of Growth at Trepic and is a Co-Founder of Matt gets a thrill from building a connection with users by providing the right information at the right time. To do so, he relies on statistical information and data to make informed decisions, and oftentimes thinks this leads to his most creative breakthroughs, since he becomes acquainted with a different perspective--the user’s reality.

Doug Millett
Doug Millett | Product Manager

Doug is a Product Manager at Scalable Labs with over a decade of experience in tech, and exposure to all facets of the industry. While earning his bachelor degree in digital media from the University of Central Florida, he gained a passion for groundbreaking software products. Later, in his position at Accenture, he worked on multi-billion dollar enterprise software projects, coordinating large cross-functional teams and meeting time-sensitive deadlines for demanding government clients. He moved into the entertainment industry next, where he joined the team at Sony Pictures, and then ventured into the startup w orld-- first in medtech and then incubation blockchain. His current goal is to integrate blockchain cryptocurrencies into society by way of extraordinary user experiences.

Matt Kita
Matt Kita | Legal Advisor

Matt is a Legal Advisor at Scalable Labs. He was introduced to Bitcoin in 2013 and has been a HODLer ever since. A corporate attorney by trade, Matt has combined his legal background with his passion for cryptocurrencies to build an understanding of the many complex and ever-changing issues that face the crypto industry. He has represented numerous blockchain companies from their initial whitepaper through to their initial offerings.

Juanisa McCoy
Juanisa McCoy | Senior Experience Designer

Nisa is the Senior Experience Designer at Scalable Labs. She is a skilled designer who fosters a Lean UX approach and creates designs that are intuitive to the user, while remaining honest to the product’s purpose. Her work experiences include building UI/UX design products for Oracle, Nike ViaSat, Cox Communications, and Huntington Bank. She is curious by nature and finds inspiration through research, travel, and learning about various cultures + people.

Roger Lu
Roger Lu | Director, Social Media

Roger has over 15 years of experience working in the finance and technology industry, beginning in investment banking and private equity research, and later transitioning to the tech sector at Google and Facebook. At Facebook, Roger worked with Fortune 100 clients, managing a multi-million dollar portfolio. He excelled in his role, and received the “Client at the Core” achievement in 2013 where his contributions resulted in significant revenue gain for his clients, which was highlighted in a New York Times article that followed a global CPG company's experience through the Facebook advertising lifecycle. Since leaving Facebook, Roger is a co-founder for several successful startups and consults with companies to provide an expertise in campaign strategy and performance execution on key platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Avery Kaye
Avery Kaye | Chief Communications Officer

Avery is the Chief Communications Officer at Scalable Labs. She is a marketing communications professional with agency and in-house experience, and a background working for brands across the tech, consumer, beauty and education industries. Over the course of her career, she has created and executed strategic global communications campaigns that have resulted in measurable wins for her clients. Her efforts for companies like Johnson & Johnson, Mondelez International and IvyWise have resulted in increased leads, market share of voice, and positive features in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, “CNN Evening News”, “TODAY”, U.S. News & World Report, Mashable, Town & Country and Forbes, to name a few.

Nick Vale
Nick Vale | Community Manager

Nick is the Community Manager at Scalable Labs, and a marketing and growth specialist. He graduated from the University of Arizona with an Information Science, Technology, and Arts degree. He has worked managing and owning multiple large-scale communities with millions of active users. He has worked on many teams and lead game development projects to the “#1 best selling of all time” spots for Microsoft, among several private game development studios. He has grown and sold a mid sized web hosting company, Hosting Crate, as well as managed a large real estate portfolio. Nick brings his expertise in overall community management, marketing, PR, and development as a whole to the team.